We're back!

“Dead” Dwarf name: Gendel Forrek – hasn’t shown up for work, Death not confirmed.
Supervisor name: Human, Female: Emma Kells

Bar and Muck head to Emma’s office. It’s kinda of a nice place. She pulls a gun on us. We tell her about the computer log. Seems Gendel’s name has been used on many computer hacks. She is surprisingly cooperative and will give a little money when all is done. She is going to contact her superiors regarding the other incident.

We meet up with Oobelburbliamax Thamataticorendalaryoon Oob finds a Elven teleportation specialist. Muck hacks the Port Authority’s db to get info on Elf professor guy: Yugfle. DB states Gendel left on a small passenger ship to a neighboring system.

Oob heads down to the university to try to get contact info for Yugfle. Seems like Yugfle just showed up and gave a lecture.

Emma gives us some contact info of Gendel’s colleagues.
Other jobs:

  • appraisal jobs
  • One job, he defers the work, which was odd since he could easily do the job. Was the person posing as him lacking the same technical skills?
  • Surveillance tapes: a dwarf that looks similar to Gendel, but not the same height shows up at one of the jobs.


scottuba Schuh

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