Trying to remember...

In & Out: West Virginia

Head back to mail drop place.

Muck gets some images of the two dwarves from surveillance tapes. Dwarf entered server room prior to incident.

Oob investigates a server room and “broom” closet. Wedged in the corner of the room is a small artifact with glyphs. Metallic and wood. It seems to be some kind of magical focusing device. Oob gets zapped.

We check into the hotel the elf dude is staying at. Muck and Bar attempt to hack the system to find the elf dude. Muck accesses the system to find Yugfle’s room and travel schedule.

Oobs chats with Yugfle in the hotel bar. Bar chills where he is. Muck heads to bar. Oob shows him the thing and he bolts.


scottuba Schuh

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