Let's make it two rolls

Blob specificity

We are chasing the elf, Yugfle. Muck shoots at him. He is wounded in the leg.

Oob is detained. Bar heads to ship. Muck is hiding out in Bed, Bath and Blob.

Muck buys a new shirt and strolls back to the hotel lobby. Police are coming!

We steal a car and head to the spaceport. Bar hangs out on ship while Oob and Muck go to find a terminal where they can hack in to shut down the spaceport.

Muck shuts down port with a security alert, but just for a short time. Muck looks up Yugfle in the ship rosters. He’s listed on inbound ship from a week prior, but no listing on outbound ship. Inbound ship: General passenger vessel. Came from nearby core worlds system.

Oob rests to research glyphs.

Muck successfully hack Yugfle’s ipad. Find a list of names, systems and planets. (This planet is not listed) Another file of notes written in some kind of coded Elvish.


scottuba Schuh

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