Oobelburbliamax Thamataticorendalaryoon

Thalluinn; aka Mover; aka Blob


Oob is a relatively typical Thalluinn, being overly curious and gifted in the ways of shifiting, preferring to avoid physical conflict.

Currently Oob has signed on as Navigator for a mail-run on the ship Umbrissa Mar with Pilot, Kolej “Muck” Yaw and the ship’s owner and engineer, Karrick “Bar” Bartol.

Oob’s past reputation is one for great navigation, but sometimes with undue risk.

Oob is always hoping to find the legendary and impossible to find “thread” to the Shift-end(translated). A place of beauty and peace and most likely beyond his own comprehension where only a few revered Movers have supposedly gone and never returned from.
He hopes to be the first to return.

Oobelburbliamax Thamataticorendalaryoon

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