Let's make it two rolls
Blob specificity

We are chasing the elf, Yugfle. Muck shoots at him. He is wounded in the leg.

Oob is detained. Bar heads to ship. Muck is hiding out in Bed, Bath and Blob.

Muck buys a new shirt and strolls back to the hotel lobby. Police are coming!

We steal a car and head to the spaceport. Bar hangs out on ship while Oob and Muck go to find a terminal where they can hack in to shut down the spaceport.

Muck shuts down port with a security alert, but just for a short time. Muck looks up Yugfle in the ship rosters. He’s listed on inbound ship from a week prior, but no listing on outbound ship. Inbound ship: General passenger vessel. Came from nearby core worlds system.

Oob rests to research glyphs.

Muck successfully hack Yugfle’s ipad. Find a list of names, systems and planets. (This planet is not listed) Another file of notes written in some kind of coded Elvish.

Trying to remember...
In & Out: West Virginia

Head back to mail drop place.

Muck gets some images of the two dwarves from surveillance tapes. Dwarf entered server room prior to incident.

Oob investigates a server room and “broom” closet. Wedged in the corner of the room is a small artifact with glyphs. Metallic and wood. It seems to be some kind of magical focusing device. Oob gets zapped.

We check into the hotel the elf dude is staying at. Muck and Bar attempt to hack the system to find the elf dude. Muck accesses the system to find Yugfle’s room and travel schedule.

Oobs chats with Yugfle in the hotel bar. Bar chills where he is. Muck heads to bar. Oob shows him the thing and he bolts.

We're back!

“Dead” Dwarf name: Gendel Forrek – hasn’t shown up for work, Death not confirmed.
Supervisor name: Human, Female: Emma Kells

Bar and Muck head to Emma’s office. It’s kinda of a nice place. She pulls a gun on us. We tell her about the computer log. Seems Gendel’s name has been used on many computer hacks. She is surprisingly cooperative and will give a little money when all is done. She is going to contact her superiors regarding the other incident.

We meet up with Oobelburbliamax Thamataticorendalaryoon Oob finds a Elven teleportation specialist. Muck hacks the Port Authority’s db to get info on Elf professor guy: Yugfle. DB states Gendel left on a small passenger ship to a neighboring system.

Oob heads down to the university to try to get contact info for Yugfle. Seems like Yugfle just showed up and gave a lecture.

Emma gives us some contact info of Gendel’s colleagues.
Other jobs:

  • appraisal jobs
  • One job, he defers the work, which was odd since he could easily do the job. Was the person posing as him lacking the same technical skills?
  • Surveillance tapes: a dwarf that looks similar to Gendel, but not the same height shows up at one of the jobs.
Hide the Dwarf
Smush the clam...

Some fucking dwarf seems to be behind the heist. We got a few bucks from the delivery company to investigate and will be paid in full once we find the box.

We headed back to the ship to try to find the dwarf via the AOLs. Find a record of a dwarf who was a laborer, but was found dead 3 weeks prior.

Oob finds a community of blobs smushing the clam(s).

Oob finds a dude who knows about teleportation. Elves!

Bar and Muck go to investigate the “dead” dwarf. Secretary gives us a name for the supervisor of the maintenance crews.

So it began...

We logged in.

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